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For Adult Students

We provide support services including top 10 ranking university applications, relocation, settling in and ongoing support

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For under 18 Students

We provide support services including applications to top boarding schools, guardianship, host family accommodation and cultural education.

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Welcome Ardmore Gresham Consultancy

Ardmore Gresham Consultancy provides comprehensive support services for international students studying in the UK. We work with both adult and under 18 students to help them both in their education and also their lives in the UK.

AGC are dedicated to ensuring that the needs of students are met and offering peace of mind to families back at home. We provide total care packages which start before the student even enters the UK and continue throughout their study period. We are always there to provide a helping hand.

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University Applications

We can assist you with selecting and applying to a UK university, including the visa requirements and even coaching for interviews.

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Dealing with Suspension

If unfortunate situations occur such as a suspension from school or a visa curtailment, we can liaise with the school and authorities to resolve the situation.

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Medical Treatment

We hope you do not need any medical treatment whilst you are in the UK, however if you do we will be on hand to assist you.

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Guardianship Services

We offer a range of guardianship services to our under 18 students ensuring the safety and happiness of your son or daughter whilst they are in the UK

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Host Families

We offer screened host family accommodation for our under 18 students in holiday times, matched to the student's personality and activities.

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Emergency Hotline

Our 24/7 emergency hotline is available for our under 18 students and their families to give them peace of mind that they are always being well looked after.

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Here are some testimonials from students and their parents

My visa was about to expire and I didn’t know what to do. I was studying a Master’s degree in Medicine at UCL and without my visa renewal I would not be able to finish my degree and would have to return to China. AGC sorted everything out, they urgently applied for a T5 visa for me and I had it within 2 days. I know have my Ph.D, a permanent residency at a hospital in the UK and my career is going really well - all thanks to AGC



I was devastated when I was rejected by my university due to not understanding the higher education system in the UK. Luckily, AGC didn’t only explain the principle to me, but they also held my hands in the following steps. I am now a top university master student and I can never imagine what myself or my parents are going to do if I just went home with a half degree.



Jason is always more mature than other children at the same age. When he decided to study aboard, we were happy and supportive. We could never imagine he could suffer from really bad homesickness. It was such a big disaster that we learnt he had a fight with his classmate. Instead of giving time to him, we already decided to bring him back home. I cannot thank the AGC team enough for their fast and professional reaction and also patiently explaining the culture difference to us parents so that we can support him in full.




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